Tuesday 1 February 2022

JANUARY 2022 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!

I usually commit to a story a day every three months. Last year I failed on the final quarter, with a family wedding distracting me. I'll aim for five this year to set the record straight.

With thanks to Gabriel Bergmoser, Close to the Bone and Shotgun Honey mainly, with other authors and sites chipping in ....

1st - Anthony Neil Smith - Javaphobia (A Thin Slice of Anxiety)

2nd - Nigel BirdThe Blue Danube Waltz (a very dark Christmas story) (Sea Minor)

3rd - Harvey HuddlestonA Matter of Time (Mystery Tribune)

4th - Dermot Owens - This Time Tomorrow (Mystery Tribune)

5th - Sean O'Leary - Touching Base (Spillwords)

6th - K. T. RoseThe Bloody Maze (Kyrobooks)

7th - Blair Denholm - The Operation  (Story Origin)

8th - Gabriel BergmoserRoadside Assist (Gabriel Bergmoser)

9th - Gabriel Bergmoser - Bad Places (Gabriel Bergmoser)

10th - Gabriel Bergmoser - One Too Many (Gabriel Bergmoser)

11th - Gabriel Bergmoser - Maggie and the Biker (Gabriel Bergmoser)

12th - Gabriel BergmoserUsed Cars (Gabriel Bergmoser)

13th - Jeff Stanger - Tales from a Roundabout Episode 1 (Story Origin)

14th - Gabriel Bergmoser - The Possum (Gabriel Bergmoser)

15th - Gabriel BergmoserStars (Gabriel Bergmoser)

16th - Gabriel BergmoserEmpty Orchestra (Gabriel Bergmoser)

17th - Gabriel Bergmoser - Ghosts Before 30 (Gabriel Bergmoser)

18th - Gabriel Bergmoser The Wild Colonial Boy (Gabriel Bergmoser)

19th - Gabriel BergmoserThe Wall (Gabriel Bergmoser)

20th - Jonathan WoodsA Priest, an Undercover Cop and a Widow (Close to the Bone)

21st - Dave SwanActual Events (Close to the Bone)

22nd - Jenean McBrearty - How Jody Hewitt Became an Entrepreneur (Close to the Bone)

23rd - Sebnem SandersVirginia Creeper (Spelk Fiction)

24th - Tom Leins - Short Lives and Blunt Knives (Shotgun Honey)

25th - Albert Tucher - The Startle Response (Shotgun Honey)

26th - Blair KeetchGlimmers (Shotgun Honey)

27th - Jeff EsterholmPlaydate (Shotgun Honey)

28th - Michael SnyderMother May I? (Shotgun Honey)

29th - Greg LevinThe Right Reasons (Shotgun Honey)

30th - Dennis Smith - Trailer Park Hero (Shotgun Honey)

31st -  James D.F. Hannah - Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits (Shotgun Honey)

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  1. Those look like good stories, Col. I really like the idea of reading short stories like that. Not only does it keep you up-to-date with what's out there right now, but it also gives the chance to get to know an author's work that you might not otherwise have tried.

    1. Margot, I particularly liked immersing myself in Gabriel Bergmoser's world. I need to bump his novels further up the TBR pile. As you say, it's a great opportunity to try before you buy, so to speak!

  2. I should read more short stories online. I don't know if I could do a short story a day online though, because it is challenging to my eyes unless they are very short. But worth a try.

    1. Tracy, I suppose most of them would be defined as Flash Fiction maybe , but you can still get a hefty impact from a short blast of prose. There were some longer ones amongst them.

  3. Hi Col, thanks for squeezing in one of my stories!
    (I'm assuming you enjoyed the Gabriel Bergmoser material? I've had his book The Hunted on my Kindle for a while, but not got round to it yet!)

    1. Tom, no worries. I do need to make the effort and read another collection or two of yours. Bergmoser's short stories kept me entertained for the best part of a fortnight. Or at least they got my day up and running.