Friday 4 December 2020


My quarterly story a day adventure continued in November.

It's a great way to meet new authors, catch up with old ones and it makes a change from reading full length novels all the time.

1st - Neille Williams - A Mashed Potato Murder (Close To The Bone)

2nd - Sebnem E. Sanders - Hunter's Moon (Punk Noir Magazine)

3rd - Mark McConville - Herd of Angels (Punk Noir Magazine)

4th - Stephen J. GoldsThe Hard Time (Shotgun Honey)

5th - Nik KorponMontevideo (Shotgun Honey)

6th - Daniel Eveloff - Prevenge (Close To The Bone)

7th - Nick Kolakowski - Contact Tracing (Shotgun Honey)

8th - Georgia MacShaneThe Flooding of Alice Springs (Brain Drip)

9th - Nigel Bird - Stones In Me Pockets (Shotgun Honey)

10th - Angel Luis Colón - Trimmigrant Song (Shotgun Honey)

11th - JB Polk - Regenerator (Close To The Bone)

12th - Margot Kinberg - And the Music Played (Crime and Mystery Writer Margot Kinberg)

13th - Bruce Maddle - Winterkill  (Close To The Bone)

14th - John Rector - Eddie Loves Animals (Tough)

15th - Ben Boulden - Reprobate  (Gravetapping - blog of Ben Boulden)

16th - Brian Beatty - Serious Business (Mystery Tribune)

17th - Paul D. Brazill - Who Killed Skippy? (Paul D. Brazill)

18th - K A Laity - The Chimp (Punk Noir Magazine)

19th - Billy Kring - The Little Angel (Mystery People)

20th - Steve Ellis - He Knows (Close To The Bone)

21st - Charlotte Perkins Stetson The Yellow Wallpaper (National Library of Medicine)

22nd - Josh Stallings - When the Hammer Comes Down (Mystery People)

23rd - Fred AndersenWriters’ Chat Room: Chat Log April 13 (Close To The Bone)

24th - Paul D. Brazill - Stamp of a Vamp  (Paul D. Brazill)

                                            PAUL D. BRAZILL

A Hard Man To Ignore But Well Worth The Effort.

25th - Robert Ragan - PO Box (Punk Noir Magazine)

26th - Fredric Brown - Don't Look Behind You (

27th - Christopher Witty - Bones (Northodox Press)

28th - David Tromblay - Short Timer (Shotgun Honey)

29th - Paul D. Brazill - The Luck of the Devil (Paul D. Brazill)

30th - Amy-Jean Muller Your Hair Woman (Close To The Bone)

AUGUST 2020 - 31 DAYS 31 SHORTS!


  1. I couldn't agree more about the benefits of short stories, Col. They do give you insights into a writer's style. And you can dip in and other as time permits. You have some nice sources, too. I like Shotgun Honey and of course Punk Noir.

    1. Too many sources to keep up with Margot, I'm afraid!

  2. That is a great list, Col. I will check some of the stories and sites out.

    1. I hope you find some stories you enjoy, Tracy

  3. Just read #1 and enjoyed it, though I'm a fan of mashed potato and won't allow this story to put me off.

    1. Nigel, my Irish heritage ensures nothing will ever put me off potatoes!