Monday 2 April 2018



"I wondered if she was sleeping alone; I liked to think that she was. It was too late to knock on her door and say hello, but maybe I’d get the chance some other time."

In this chapter of the Dark Teesside series, follow Michael as he walks the streets of Thornaby...

Introducing Red Marks, a dark short story by award winning author Glenn McGoldrick. 

Not an author I had heard of prior to a recent newsletter from Chris Sarantopoulos.
McGoldrick seems to concentrate on short stories with a couple of collections and some stand alones available on Amazon. A lot of them are set in Teesside

Red Marks takes us into the life of unemployed, Michael Atkins. A bus ride, a found purse, some pocketed cash, the job centre, the pub, his parents and a meal and a reminder of a lost love and some thoughts, but no actions as yet about the young single woman who owned the purse on the bus.

Shortish at 14 pages long, but oozes plenty of character and menace with the thoughts swirling around Michael's head.

Definitely an author that I'll be reading more from.

4.5 from 5

Glenn McGoldrick has his website here. Several of his short stories including Red Marks are free over on Amazon.

Read in April, 2018
Published - 2017
Page count - 14
Source - Amazon purchase
Format - Kindle


  1. There's something about that feeling of growing menace that can really keep you moving through the story, Col. And I do like stories with a strong sense of character.

    1. Character definitely shines through here, Margot. Not especially likeable mind you!

  2. Sounds like a good short story, but I have too many already on my bookshelves to add anymore.

    1. Fair enough, I;m the same but I just can't stop....