Sunday 6 November 2016



Criminal Thoughts is the first collection of short stories from Aidan Thorn. Inside you'll find 11 hard boiled tales of revenge, deceit, extortion and murder. Take a look inside the minds of hit men, gangsters, policemen, prisoners and more as they wade through the underworld.

Aidan's Fiction has been Published in the Near to the Knuckle Anthology: Gloves Off and in the Byker Books Radgepacket series. His work has also appeared online at Near to the Knuckle, Thrillers, Killers N' Chillers and Thrills, Kills, N' Chaos.

A gangster sneers at the cops making a house call....who has the last laugh?

A cut with a shank, a cheap price to pay for breaking out of prison... though you might wish you hadn't bothered.

A couple of heavies on a night out......that doesn't end well.

The War that took more........PTSD in the civilian world......He'd lost everything but his memories.

A pub landlord with an interesting sideline.....

A hitman does his job, too well in fact........someone does a number on him. We get to meet wheelchair-bound criminal Rick Thompson for a second time.

Mikey Hayes and Rick Thompson again.....the job that went wrong and cost him his legs, sees some overdue payback.

A Weighty enjoyable piece of flash fiction with a dose of humour.

A pub landlord snaps when the heavies try and collect the protection money early. Blame Simon Cowell!

A jilted wife and her estranged husband. Time to protect what's yours even if you might be taking things a little bit too far.

Detective Simmons (encountered in a few of the stories) tries to save his drug-addicted son from a stint in prison.

An interesting mix of stories, a few repeat characters, some bloody violence - 11 tales of theft, revenge, family, loyalty, loss and more.

A cracking 60-odd page collection.

4 from 5

Aidan Thorn has a website here. Catch him on Twitter - @AidanDFThorn

Read in October, 2016

Bought on Amazon a while ago.


  1. Sometimes a story collection is just what the doctor ordered, Col. And some of those sound interesting. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Margot - exactly. There was a lot here to like, not a dud in the collection!

  2. Replies
    1. Jason - agreed, there's a lot to like here.

  3. Col, considering the kind of drabbles and stories I have penning, Aidan Thorn's collection should be an inspirational read, and give me some valuable tips on writing hardboiled stuff.

    1. Prashant, I really liked all of the tales in this collection. If you read it I hope it assists your own writing.

  4. Don't generally get on with short stories, but like the idea that it's short.

    1. I have something longer from him which I'm looking forward to.