Wednesday, 16 May 2012


In the main I'm going to pen a few words on a book after I've read it and I've analysed what I felt about it, but before I get up to speed on that I'm going to lay down what I've read in the past couple of years.

Gary Phillips - The Jook
Mark Blake - Sunstroke
George V Higgins - The Rat On Fire
PJ Tracy -  Want To Play
Tom Kakonis - Criss Cross
Keith Ablow - Murder Suicide
Richard Stark - Butcher's Moon
Jorg Fauser - The Snowman
Steve Hamilton - The Hunting Wind
Lawrence Block - The Sins Of The Father

10 books read in the month which was a decent start to the year - I tend to go for quantity over quality, as in my opinion you appreciate the really stand out books more.

What can I recall about these?
Not much truth be told, which means they either didn't make much of an impression on me, or I'm getting to the age where my memory is getting worse - probably the latter.

Phillip's Jook has I think been re-issued in the past few years and has rave reviews around the net. I thought it was pretty good though it didn't rock me.

The two I enjoyed the most were Want To Play, apparently the Tracy's are a mother/daughter collaborative double act and Ablow's Murder Suicide. I'd have to re-read or flick through them to remind myself what it was that I enjoyed so much.

Tom Kakonis blew me away with his first book, Michigan Roll. He didn't quite hit the same high mark here, but he's one of those forgotten or neglected authors I'd recommend to anyone.

The Block and Hamilton books were series books - the 1st Scudder, and the 3rd McKnight.
I'll probably re-read the Block/Scudder tome as it is part of a 3 book omnibus edition I have.

Stark's Butcher's Moon, I read at this time as much for the story as for being able to flog it on e-bay afterwards for £25-30, which then no doubt freed up more cash to buy more books.

Fauser's Snowman was an attractive Bitter Lemon Press edition which dragged in places.

With the exception of Fauser, I've got more to read on each and everyone of these authors.
No doubt I'll get to them at some point in the next 20-odd years! 

February 2010 next........

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