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APRIL 2010

APRIL 2010

Warren Ellis - Crooked Little Vein
Jeremiah Healy - Blunt Darts
James Patterson - Along Came A Spider
Greg Williams - Diamond Geezers
Elmore Leonard - Unknown Man No.89
Newton Thornburg - To Die In California
Linwood Barclay - No Time For Goodbye
James Patterson - Kiss The Girls

Monthly total 8, yearly total 32

Highlight of the month - Newton Thornburg.
Hopefully as a parent, I never experience the loss of a child. I've two other books by Thornburg to get to at some point - Cutter And Bone and Dreamland. If they are half as good, I'll be happy.
Published in the 70's, not sure if it's in print or out of print, but if you cross paths with it, check it out.

Elmore Leonard was okay, not outstanding. I'm fairly sure the main dude - Jack Ryan appears in some of his others books.

My wife read the Linwood Barclay and I have a tendency to read her books after her, so we can share some learned discourse over the dinner table, though for the life of me I can't remember what we might have talked about in respect of this.

I'm fairly sure I bought the Warren Ellis book on the basis of some internet blog hype and megablurbs, but even though I've checked it out on Amazon a minute or two ago, it couldn't have made that great an impression on me because I can barely remember it. Nice cover though.

My son read these two Pattersons and passed them on to me. Not a total waste of time, but I don't think he'll be winning any Booker/Nobel/Orange/Edgar prizes, assuming he qualifies.  

Healy and Williams, Williams and Healy....... can't remember, though the Healy book is the first in a series featuring John Francis Cuddy,

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