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MI6 agent Will Cochrane is living in Washington, D.C. when a dangerous terrorist, codenamed Trapper, escapes from a top secret CIA military base.  Trapper comes after Will—saying he is the one who killed his leader—but Will knows there has to be more to this story. Will gets close enough to shut the man down, but when he does, that act opens the door to yet another, much more dangerous surprise . . .

A 50-50 book. Half of it is a novella which introduces the reader to Will Cochrane (though it's not the first Cochrane story Dunn has penned) and gives his history and back story as an agent. Half of it is a 50-odd page preview for Dark Spies, a full length novel in the series - number 4 of 7.

I think I actually preferred the preview section to the novella which kind of ends a little bit abruptly for me, without a real conclusion in this Trapper-Cochrane confrontation. 

There's action, character development, a story with conflict, power, control, manipulation, history and an ending which didn't really satisfy and left more questions than answers. Cochrane's lovey-doveyness with his agent babysitter seemed a bit unlikely and not especially convincing. Conclusion apart, I enjoyed the other elements with a decent set-up and hook to draw me in. Maybe one of the later books in the Cochrane series brings things with Trapper to a proper conclusion. 

The first few chapters of Dark Spies kind of hooked me and has me wanting to see what happens next. Cochrane disobeys orders to save a CIA agent and finds himself on the outside of his organisation and a  hunted man. Without actively seeking out the book (the 2023 resolution to rein in the book buying is holding firm on day two), I'll keep an eye out for it should I cross paths with it in the wild. 

The Spycatcher - the first in the Will Cochrane series - is in the collection somewhere (tub 58), maybe I'll dust it off as I'm currently on a bit of an espionage/spy reading spree. 

3 stars from 5

Read - January, 2023

Published - 2014

Page count - 118

Source - purchased copy

Format - Kindle

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