Thursday 26 May 2016


6 books completed in the month, as I kind of struggled to focus too much on anything.

Once your reading mojo vanishes, it's easy for it to stay vanished - lethargy rules!

Anyway reviews/thoughts to follow at some point in the next month or so on the following:

Vicki Salloum - Candyland (2016) (4)

Charlie Williams - Your Place is in the Shadows (2013) (4)

Lee Goldberg - McGrave (2012) (4)

Jim Stewart - Ochoco Reach (2015) (3.5)

Alan Jones - Bloq (2016) (4)

Douglas Skelton - Open Wounds (2016) (5)

Trivia/useless data....

3 paperbacks, 1 PDF, 1 manuscript/bound file, 1 Kindle read,

2 from authors, 2 from publisher/publicists, 1 Amazon Freebie, 1 author website sign-up freebie,

All 6 from this decade - 3 from this year!

3 US authors, 2 Scottish, 1 English,

All 6 fiction reads - 1 was short stories,

5 males authors, 1 female - quelle surprise!

3 new-to-me authors, 3 familiar authors,

1 x 5 Star read and my best book in April - Douglas Skelton's Open Wounds!

4 x 4 Star reads, 1 scored @ 3.5 - no stinkers again!

Favourite cover - Douglas Skelton again - Open Wounds!


  1. I'll be looking forward to your reviews on these when you get to them, Col. And I like it that you've chosen both familiar authors and new-to-you authors as well. I try to do that, but I don't always succeed.

    1. Margot - cheers. I like discovering new authors, especially when they don't disappoint!

  2. Don't know any of these - bring on the reviews...

  3. Col, I have had problems with my reading too. The year so far has been particularly bad for no reason other than hectic pace of life. I'm rediscovering the joys of reading.

    1. May has been slower than April, but I think I'm getting back on track now!

  4. I don't have problems with reading books, but I wanted to read more short stories and I can't get going on that. And I have difficulty making time to work on blog posts. Maybe work is getting too stressful again.

    I just noticed that you are reading a new Marjorie Trumaine Mystery. I had no idea that was out. Not buying any books again this month (well, not buying paper books and I never spend much on ebooks), but going to have to order that as soon as June gets here.

    1. Sometimes I can read, sometimes I can Blog - at the minute I'm definitely struggling to do both. Work went a bit loopy a month or two ago - settling down now, but I kind of fell out of the habit of blogging - both my own and following and I've struggled to get back into it.

      I'm maybe a third of the way through the Marjorie book - pretty good so far. I think you'd like it. She's still indexing (hopefully that's not a spoiler for you)!

  5. Glad to hear that normal service is soon to be resuming!

    Some interesting titles here. Much looking forward to learning more when you get the chance/inclination to review them.

    1. Cheers, I'll be pulling my finger out one of these days!