Saturday, 22 September 2012


I haven’t read anything from Douglas Lindsay for a few years now, my last excursion being one of the 6 or 7 Barney Thomson barber-cum-serial killer books he penned. Whilst my memory of these has diminished somewhat over-time, I can recall black humour prevalent throughout the books cataloguing the absurd happenings that befall the hero/villain Barney.

Hanged Man features a morose, depressive detective – Jericho who is reluctantly catapulted onto prime-time TV and the latest reality show offering, Britain’s Got Justice. Throw in a killer recently released - 30 years after Jericho put him away, some Tarot cards, a missing BGJ finalist, some sex – not all of it consensual, murder and a dose of tabloid trashing with the show’s crazed executives and producers keep one eye on the ratings and their careers and the story speeds along to a decent conclusion.

Lindsay leaves the doors open for future tales with Jericho and his likeable sidekick, Haynes at the hub. Wisely in my opinion, because they are definitely a team I would read more about in the future. For some reason I’m reminded of Joe R Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard series though neither Jericho or Haynes is black or gay or from Texas!      

I’ve definitely been missing out during my Lindsay sabbatical. He had me roaring at the vision of the diminutive Noel Edmonds either commentating or participating in an act that typically wouldn’t be seen on prime-time television. Would it even be possible on ice, Douglas? Have you done some research?   

I’m off to the attic to try and dig out my old Barney Thomson books.


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