Friday 5 August 2022



Synopsis/blurb ...

When half-brothers Mick and Jerzy Sawyer are summoned to their father's prison deathbed, it isn't for a tearful goodbye. The spiteful old man tells the two estranged brothers about an old diamond heist with outstanding loot, and sets them on a path of cooperation and competition to recover the jewels.

Jerzy is the quintessential career criminal, fresh out of a short bit and looking to get back into the action right away. Mick is the failed cop and tainted hero struggling to get by with a clean life that doesn't seem to ever pay off. Both men see this score as their ticket out of Chicago.

Throw in the mysterious, blonde Ania, and Blood on Blood is hard-boiled Hardy Boys meets Cain and Abel. Jerzy and Mick battle each other for all of it - the diamonds, the girl, and survival - and nothing else matters... not even blood.

The first book proper in co-authors Zafiro and Wilsky's Ania series, though this was subsequently followed by a prequel after they had penned three Ania books in total.

What's to like, what's not to like???

Chicago setting - a plus

Family dynamics and tension - a plus

Back story with grudges, resentments, anger, memories, different mothers - all a plus

A funeral, a reluctant alliance, and a jewel hunt - a plus

Brotherly love or not - contrasts, differences, similarities, feelings towards each other, assessment of each other, behaviour - surprises or predictability, a true partnership or one of convenience - all interesting angles in seeing them both separately and together - a plus 

Bent retired cops, current criminals, mob rivalry, a planned hit - a plus

A bar maid, also a spy, also a hot lover, also a schemer, a planner, a confidence woman, a head turner and a heartbreaker - a plus

A collision, scratch that - multiple collisions and clashes, including an epic restaurant scene - a plus

The outcome - a plus. 

Debbie Downers on the book?

Length - a common complaint. Echoing my wife - I would have been happier if it was a bit longer.

Overall - very satisfying                                   

4.5 from 5

Harbinger was enjoyed previously. 

Read - (listened to) April, 2022
Published  - 2012
Page count - 242 (6 hrs 45 mins)
Source - Audible purchase 
Format - Audible


  1. That is a really interesting premise for a novel, Col. And like you, I like the Chicago setting. The family dynamics sounds suspenseful, too, and that 'I have to trust you but I don't trust you' mood sounds as though it fits here. Yeah, I can see why this one ticked several of the boxes for you.

    1. Margot, I really enjoyed this one. I'm very familiar with Frank Zafiro's work and like his stuff a lot. His co-author, I'm not so up-to-speed with. Between them - they keep me entertained!