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Jack Albany (from A Thrill A Minute) is back in a small part on the big stage when he is mistakenly involved in a right-wing takeover of a large TV institution. Humorous and suspenseful, Jack must navigate a role he never learned to play.

About the Author: John Godey is the author of many crime and mystery novels, including Nella, The Snake, The Talisman and the international best seller, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, was released as a film of the same name, starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta

Second and last in author John Godey's Jack Albany series, after A Thrill a Minute.

There are a lot of similarities between the two books, with Albany again a victim of mistaken identity and thrust in the middle of a plot, this time to take over a TV network and broadcast a manifesto live to the country, denouncing pretty much everyone in the US and worldwide as Commie b*stards!

Again, Albany is quick with the one-liners as he beds in with the gang, all the while looking for an escape route that will see him survive when the odds are stacked against him. Here he has an ally on the inside, the buxom German Helga who provides physical comfort and a bit more besides.

In essence it almost the same book as the first, with a similar plot line and Albany using his acting skills to dupe his fellow gang members and the arch villain running the scheme. Not much tension, a few wry chuckles, but nothing that ever required stitches applied to my side. 

Albany is quite good company. He has a high opinion of his own acting abilities and he falls in love easily. He's not especially brave.

Overall an ok read, though I'm glad there was never a third in the series.

I look forward to trying something a bit harder hitting from the author.

3 from 5  

Read - June, 2022

Published - 1970

Page count - 153

Source - Kindle Unlimited

Format - Kindle


  1. It does sound like Albany's good company, Col. But the one thing that kept striking me about your (excellent) review is that is seems much the same as the first Albany. I can see how that wouldn't exactly have you hoping there'd be a third, even if there were things to like about this one and the first one. Still, glad it wasn't a total bust.

    1. I don't regret reading it Margot and I wasn't bored, but I perhaps hoped for something a bit different, a bit more satisfying.