Wednesday 20 July 2022



I ran a hot bath, then soaked in it for an hour. It helped with the aches and pains. I thought things over, wondering when I’d be caught.

Later I sat on the sofa and watched the news. Nothing. I checked all the local Facebook groups, but there was nothing there either.

In this chapter of the Dark Teesside series of short stories with a twist, the events unfold in Thornaby and Stockton...

Brought to you by award winning author Glenn McGoldrick, creator of the Dark Teesside series

I'm a fan of Glenn McGoldrick's short stories and was happy to jump on his latest release, Shaking Hands. Shaking Hands is connected through events and characters from his earlier story Idle Hands.

A debt, a meeting, an altercation, an unforeseen and unintended consequence, some interference, some research, some retaliation and in the end a conscience that won't keep quiet.

Really enjoyable and another satisfying short read. 

4 stars from 5

Read - July, 2022

Published - 2022

Page count - 12

Source  - review copy via Story Origin

Format - ePUB read on laptop


  1. I do like it when a group of short stories are linked in some way, Col. And it sounds as though these are nicely paced and have some good twists and turns. I appreciate the reminder that I haven't read enough short stories lately. I ought to remedy that!

    1. Margot, I do like the odd one during the course of a month and then every quarter or so, I'll challenge myself to hit one a day. I love the format and it helps keep my reading fairly fresh.