Monday 18 July 2022



A man in a new city. A murderer on the loose. This is no time for embroidery.

Skeeter Dursky is the latest hire at the Lake Michigan Tower—a seventeen-story retirement community. It’s only his third day, and he’s determined to make a good impression.  Unfortunately, his supervisor doesn’t believe he’s skilled enough to handle the simplest tasks.

When a figure from Skeeter’s past arrives, his world turns upside-down. For Skeeter has a secret to protect—it’s one the government has gone to a lot of expense to hide.

After a famous resident is murdered, members of Chicago’s finest swarm the tower and lock it down. Word of the crime brings the media and a ragtag group of mourning fans.

With nosy cops at every exit and the press gathered outside the lobby, Skeeter Dursky has nowhere to run.  If he ever hopes to see freedom again, he must take matters into his own hands.

Can Skeeter find the murderer and slip away before anyone realizes his true identity?

Fourth of five in Colin Conway's Cozy series and Cozy Up to Trouble is another bright and breezy quick read.

Beauregard Smith is re-invented this time around as Skeeter Dursky and he's a handyman at a Chicago tower block retirement community. Needless to say he only in situ a couple of days before the wheels fall off his wagon again. A famous author is murdered and the community is locked down by the cops before Beau or Skeeter can scarper.

More a book that was enjoyable as opposed to standout and memorable. Three months on and some of the finer details of plot and incidents have diminished in my mind and do you know what? That's perfectly fine. 

Sometimes I read to gain a little more knowledge. Most of the time I read to be entertained and as long as I get a bit of joy with one of the two goals the book and the author have done their job.

Wacky characters thrown together in an improbable situation, plenty of scrapes and humour, a story that held my interest and a decent resolution with answers to the murder and the main man living to fight another day.

It's probably not my favourite in the series, but they can't all be #1.

3.5 from 5

Cozy up to DeathCozy up to Murder and Cozy up to Blood have all been enjoyed previously. 
Cozy up to Christmas is waiting. 

Read - March, 2022
Published - 2021
Page count - 276
Source - review copy from author
Format - Kindle


  1. I do like this series, Col. As you say, they're not all top-level brilliant. But they're enjoyable stories, and I like Beau Smith. One thing I like about him is that he learns from the mistakes he makes. He doesn't strike me as the dysfunctional type who can't relate to anyone and can't grow, and I appreciate that.

    1. Margot, it is a fun series without reaching a sort of best book ever status and that's just fine. Enjoyed, entertained, satisfied - 3 out of 3!