Monday 18 November 2019


Target - 12 books from Canadian authors in 2018/2019

A challenge that initially I thought I could complete last year, but obviously not. I'm a bit tardy when it comes to completing these things. You only have to look at the US State Challenge which I started in 2014 and haven't kept on top of or updated in years.

Well I finished this one anyway and encountered some good books and a few great ones.

A few authors I've read before..... Dietrich Kalteis, Sam Wiebe, Tom Pitts, Linwood Barclay

A few new-to-me authors...... Margaret Millar, Mike Knowles, John Farrow

And more than a few that I never got around to this time..... John McFetridge, Giles Blunt, Howard Shrier, Brad Smith, Michael Van Rooy

Settings mostly Canada, but also Kansas, Vietnam and San Francisco

Looking forward to more of the same in 2020, possibly stretching to 2021!

Full list below, which came in at more than 12

1 - Sam Wiebe - Invisible Dead (2016) (March, 2018)

2 - Sam Wiebe - Cut You Down (2018) (March, 2018)

3 - Margaret Millar - Vanish in an Instant (1952) (November, 2018)

4 - Elka Ray - Saigon Dark (2016) (November, 2018)

5 - Tom Pitts - 101 (2018) (January, 2019)

6 - Sam Wiebe - Hollywood North (2018) (February, 2019)

7 - Michael J. Clark - Mahoney's Camaro (2019) (May, 2019)

8 - Linwood Barclay - The Twenty-Three (2016) (July, 2019)

9 - Mike Knowles - Darwin's Nightmare (2008) (August, 2019)

10 - Dietrich Kalteis - Poughkeepsie Shuffle (2018) (September, 2019)

11 - Mike Knowles - Grinder (2009) (September, 2019)

12 - Tom Pitts - Piggyback (2012) (September, 2019)

13 - Mike Knowles - In Plain Sight (2010) (September, 2019)

14 - Dietrich Kalteis - Call Down the Thunder (2019) (October, 2019)

15 - John Farrow - Ball Park (2019) (October, 2019)

*16 - nearly Texas born author, now based in Canada

A.G. Pasquella - Carve the Heart (2019) (August, 2019)

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  1. Remarkable how many I have not read. I like Sam Wiebe a lot. Have read one Linwood Barclay and one by John Farrow but not the rest.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bill. I'm a big fan of Sam Wiebe's work as well. I think Farrow is someone I want to read a lot more from also. My wife is more the Linwood Barclay fan than me, but I have to admit I enjoy him when I read him, which is kind of the whole point of it.

  2. Col, besides Margaret Millar, I am interested in reading Sam Wiebe (I have two of his books) and Kalteis (I have his first book). In 2020 sometime.

    1. I hope you enjoy Wiebe and Kalteis next year, Tracy. Fingers crossed, I will read some more Margaret Millar next year as well.