Saturday 6 November 2021


Synopsis/blurb ....

Matthew Goodsir is an undertaker, and a man who has experienced more than his fair share of tragedy.

Constance Trueblood is a young woman who has been accused of murdering her family, then committing suicide.

No one will accept Constance’s body to prepare her for her funeral – due to her actions, she is considered to be untouchable. Then Matthew is asked, and he agrees.

Matthew struggles to believe the Constance he knew was capable of committing the atrocities she is being blamed for, but his is a lone voice. Following a tip-off, he does some digging and is even more convinced of her innocence.

And, as events unfold, Matthew begins to realise that he and Constance have more in common than he could ever have believed possible.

An enjoyable spooky tale enjoyed on Halloween.

We have a murder mystery, a consequence of a horrific atrocity. We encounter community outrage, family grief, media intrusion, obsession, rejection, madness and a little bit of assistance from beyond the grave to help solve the crimes and bring some comfort to the bereaved. Some peace is also provided to those who have passed, but have been unable to move on.

I liked the characters here, especially the undertaker. I could appreciate his compassion and understanding towards his clientele, irrespective of the circumstances in which they came to him.  

An enjoyable hour's entertainment.

4 from 5

Julie Morrigan's work has been enjoyed before - Cutter's DealCutter's Firm and Cutter's Fall 

Read - October, 2021
Published - 2018
Page count - 53
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. Oh, this does sound like an interesting story, Col. I don't usually go for those 'beyond the grave' elements, but it sounds as though it works here. Matthew sounds like an interesting character, too. Glad you liked this.

    1. Not my usual cup of tea either, Margot, but sutiable for the time of year. I did enjoy it.