Thursday 25 March 2021




Detectives Finch and Elias have seen a lot -- murders, assaults, rapes, missing persons -- but they've never investigated a missing mummy before. Follow the two partners as they sift through a half dozen different suspects and try to solve the mystery of a stolen child mummy from the River City museum.

Part whodunit mystery, part procedural, with more than a little wise-cracking along the way, The Bastard Mummy has a little something for all kinds of mystery readers.

A fast one-sitting read, which was enjoyable without me ever feeling truly stunned or amazed at anything the book threw up. 

A theft at a museum and a list of suspects, mainly employees of one description or other to filter down and eliminate. Usually with this sort of scenario, the guy (or gal - no spoilers, eh) that seems the least likely, is pretty much guaranteed to be the guilty party.

I liked the set-up, the characters, the interviews, the outcome. I liked the fact I could zip through this pocket-sized book in an hour or so and scratch off another Zafiro book in the read column. 

The Bastard Mummy is part of Zafiro's River City writings, comprising collections of short stories and novels. I guess I will cross paths with Finch and Elias again in the future.

3.5 from 5

Read - January, 2021

Published - 2010

Page count - 124

Source - purchased copy

Format - paperback


  1. This does sound like an enjoyable read, Col, and I have to say I like the title. The whole idea of a missing mummy is kind of fun, too. And it's nice to have a solid read that doesn't require a huge investment of time.

    1. Much more t like here than dislike Margot.