Wednesday 13 June 2018



Four twisty, short reads.
Addictive works of suspense,
That will leave you breathless and give you goose bumps…

Trading with Death
What sacrifice might we make for those we love? In the face of death, will we be selfish or selfless?

Tell Me a Secret
Deceit, lies and secrets – how well do we know those close to us?

Sweet Justice 
We follow Tess as she confronts the dark side…

Written on the Apple Tree 
A moment from a past life, a possession, or a simple meeting between strangers?

Another new-to-me author in Ann Girdharry and a collection of four quite different tales of suspense, a couple of which have supernatural elements.

Trading with Death almost fairy tale like setting, two sisters talking a shortcut through the deep dark woods, one is sick and ailing, the other older, concerned and loving. Minor spoiler - one makes it home and one doesn't. A pact with death with the appearance and reassurance of a deceased grandmother to smooth the way. Not my usual thing, but it worked and I really enjoyed it. I was convinced.

Tell Me a Secret .... an unmarried couple, each separately considering their future and their commitment to each other. Some impatient third party involvement and a reminder that love wasn't part of the plan. Some issues that demand an urgent resolution. More straightforward storytelling and firmly set in the real world - very tense as the climax approaches.

Sweet Justice ....... two siblings - one older and approaching womanhood, the other a young boy, a missing mother and a stepfather with an unhealthy appetite. Again, it kind of read like a modern day fairy tale. Death, abandonment, an ever-increasing unease transforming into all out dread, a plan of action and a taking back of control, albeit at the risk of the ultimate sacrifice. My pick of the bunch.

Written on the Apple Tree ...... another tale which requires a suspension of disbelief to buy into the premise. A tale of thwarted love and romance across the generations, with a continuing attempt to reconnect and get the happy ever after. Probably the least favourite of the four, not that I was stabbing my eyeballs with a fork wanting it to end. I still enjoyed it, just a bit less than the others.

My first time with Ann Girdharry's work, but hopefully not my last, as I really enjoyed these.

4 from 5

Girdharry has a couple of series novels to her name, featuring Kal Medi. The second - London Noir sits on the pile.

Her website is here.
Author Facebook page is here.

Read in June, 2018
Published - 2018 (as a collection, each is available individually and all dropped first in 2015)
Page count - 98
Source - review copy from Rachel's Random Resources as part of a blog tour
Format - Kindle


  1. hello Colman, I'm glad I kept you away from needing to use the fork! Thank you for taking part in the CHILLING TALES blog tour.
    Best, Ann Girdharry

    1. Ann, I really liked these shorts. Happy to be a part of the tour and I'm looking forward to some LONDON NOIR in the future!

  2. These do sound suspenseful, Col. I'm not usually one for elements of the supernatural in my reading. But there are times when it can be done well. Glad you enjoyed these.

    1. Ditto that, Margot re the supernatural, but they worked for me here.

  3. Sounds fun, but I confess it's London Noir that pulls my attention more. Must keep an eye out for it.

    1. John, I hope you catch up with something by her soon.

  4. When they put "Chilling Tales" in the title, they lose me. But since you liked it, if I get a chance, I will give one of the stories a try.

    1. I know what you mean, I did find then tense and suspenseful but I probably wasn't chilled.

  5. I like the sound of these stories, and London Noir is as promising title! I'm definitely interested in this author.

    1. Moira, I'll be keen to hear how you get on with her work if you do try it.