Monday 11 June 2018



The Lift is a stand alone Eddie Collins short story of about 30 pages. 

CSI Eddie Collins embarks on another ordinary day. But the people he meets in a lift prove that you should never make assumptions, never let preconceptions sway your judgement. And never let down your guard.

If you like fast-paced crime thrillers with raw emotions and characters that reach out of the book and grab you by the throat, you’ll love Andrew Barrett’s Eddie Collins series.

My reading having dropped off a cliff the past couple of months, a short sharp injection was needed to try and spark some life back into me. Andrew Barrett's The Lift assisted in that aim.

Eddie Collins is a series character from Barrett, with four novels and a couple of shorter pieces featuring Eddie. Collins is a CSI and on his way to a high rise flat to collect some evidence. Two other characters, an older gentleman and a reluctant youth are his companions in the lift.

Inevitably the lift breaks down and our tale unfolds. Conflict is in the air.... tension, fear, a desire for justice, family, negotiation, a shared history and ultimately violence and an unforeseen outcome.

I did enjoy this one. There's a twist in the tale, which with stories of this nature is probably compulsory. Not that I enjoyed it any the less. I'll be reading more from Barrett with Eddie Collins in the future.

4 from 5

Andrew Barrett has his website here.

Read in June, 2018
Published  - 2015
Page count - 51
Source - purchased copy (probably a freebie)
Format - Kindle


  1. I like that premise a lot, Col. It offers plenty of possibilities, doesn't it? And the characters sound interesting, too.

    1. Margot, agreed. Things could have gone in several different directions. I'll be reading more about the main character soon.

  2. I don't think I have ever read any crime fiction with a CSI as the protagonist. I like that idea.

    1. It's a different POV from the normal one you find. I will be reading THE NOTE soon which is another shortish one. I did kind of balk at the first full length novel in his series, as Amazon listed it at over 600 pages long!