Friday 20 October 2017



The trick is to save one without becoming one

Young lawyer Sam Williams is riding high. He's got a job he loves, a girl he wants, and the brain to win out every time.

But Sam's about to find out that he's got enemies, too. And figuring out which one wants to hurt him most isn't as easy as it seems.

Victims introduces Sam Williams, hero of international bestseller The Art of Staying Dead and the upcoming thriller Dead North, ten years younger than we last saw him, and a lot less wise.

Please note that Victims is a novella, not a full length novel. Also included are the first two chapters of The Art of Staying Dead.

Praise for The Art of Staying Dead, the first full-length Sam Williams novel

"A great thriller with a strong plot, original and intelligent, with great characters, flawed, likeable, detestable, human, with some nice chewy thematic elements...taut, lean and witty prose... The Art of Staying Dead is a 5 star treat." - John Bowen, International Bestselling Author of "Where the Dead Walk", "Vessel" and "Death Stalks Kettle Street"

"Fans of fast-paced thrillers will love this book. There is certainly one twist towards the end which literally made my jaw drop open" - Sarah Hardy, By The Letter Book Reviews

Another new-to-me author, another Freebie, another enjoyable short read, and another click on the scoreboard.

Victims introduces us to Sam Williams a young lawyer. Williams is out for a few drinks with works colleagues, waiting on his new girlfriend to arrive. Before he knows it a hush descends on the pub, some lads have arrived, and one of whom puts a blade to Sam’s throat and issues him a clear warning – “Sam Williams. You don’t want to get involved.”

We spend most of the rest of the book, assuming we know what the warning is about. His girlfriend, Mel’s abusive ex-partner doesn’t want to let go and isn’t afraid to use a bit of threatening behaviour to ram home the message. That may not be the truth of the matter.

I really liked the narrative style of the piece. Williams is an engaging character. We spend a bit of time with him in his working environment and witness the jostling for position and the rivalries that exist among the junior lawyers. Each keen to catch the eye of the boss and scale another rung on the career ladder.  We see Sam’s decency and shaky bravery as he gets pro-active in helping Mel finally free herself from the vindictive ex. Sam’s more a cerebral guy than a physical presence.

Interesting, enjoyable, pacey with a decent pay-off.

The download includes a couple of chapters from the full length Williams novel – The Art of Staying Dead. Enjoyable as well, and another one on to the wish list. I need more books like a hole in the head, but hey.
4 from 5

Joel Hames has a few novels to his name – The Art of Staying Dead, Bankers Town and another shortish one Brexecution.

The author’s website is here. His Facebook page is here. He's on Twitter@joel_hames

Read in October, 2017
Published - 2017
Page count - 77
Source - author - a freebie copy after signing up to author's news feed
Format - Kindle


  1. This does sound interesting, Col. And that's certainly a clear warning! Always nice, too, when the story isn't an overly long one...

    1. I do like the "lawyer at the centre of a mystery" tale, every now and again and Hames with his Sam Williams character is a decent example. Ticks in most of the boxes here.

  2. I admire you for trying so many new authors, Col. This one sounds good.

    1. Tracy thanks. I'm never afraid to try someone new. I really liked it.