Sunday 8 October 2017



British coppers, an American private eye, London gangsters, international spies, and a serial killer known as The Black Crow all collide violently and hilariously in Big City Blues, another fast-moving and funny slice of Brit Grit from Paul D. Brazill.

Not my first outing with Paul D. Brazill and definitely not my last, though in truth this wasn’t my favourite one of his books that I’ve read. I kind of struggled to keep track of who was who and who was doing what to who and how it all connected. (A careful re-read could be the answer.)

That said there’s plenty to like, not least his larger than life characters which leap from the page – possibly carrying a beer in one hand and a gun in another, while dispensing a few pearls of wisdom, usually expletive laden ones at that. Sometimes not.

….when you’re dead, you don’t know anything about it so it’s only difficult for other people. And it’s the same when you’re stupid.

A bit of what we had in store………. coppers with a penchant for karaoke, criminal families, a Polish policewoman on secondment to the UK, a serial killer called Marjorie Razorblades, an American alcoholic and his irritated wife, prostitutes, death by knitting needle, death by baseball bat, dual settings of London and New York, with a bit of time in Cambridge and Madrid, a few jokes that were old when Noah was a boy, some hat-tips to some bands from yonder-year….Buzzcocks, Penetration, Magazine, The Fall. (Nostalgia rules.) And lots more beside.

I’ll take exception to the observation on The Stone Roses – “dire. Music for thickos by thickos.
I’ll agree on Mr Bean. Not funny and a face like a cat’s arse.

Overall, slightly confusing but enjoyable enough. More to like than not.  

3 from 5

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Previously I’ve enjoyed…. Kill Me Quick, The Last Laugh13 Shots of NoirGuns of Brixton

Read in September, 2017
Published  - 2017
Page count - 97
Source - review copy from author
Format - Kindle 


  1. Glad you found things to like here, Col. And it's always nice when the characters are 'large' enough and interesting to stay with you as you read, if I can put it that way.

    1. Thanks, Margot. The characters were more memorable than the plot if I'm truthful.

  2. Col, I have enjoyed Paul's short and racy stories, and do intend to read his novels, including the ones you've mentioned.

  3. Prashant, I do like his irreverent prose. Some work better than others for me obviously.