Monday 23 October 2017



Teenagers frolic in the darkness - but their sinister acts are no game. Private detectives Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are hired to investigate cult activity at an ancient ruin.
Blood is spilled. Lives are ruined. And for one young girl, it's a matter of life or death. But the darkness hides the awful truth.

The investigators must discover who they can trust stop the cult from harming all those it touches. First they must survive the night - and one of its darkest sons... 

Fans of Rebus, TJ Brearton, Janice Frost, LJ Ross and Angela Marsons will love Rack and Ruin. A page turning thriller with cliff-hangers!
Rack and Ruin - the first instalment of a thrilling short read mini-series - also available as a superb value complete boxed set. 

Another new author and another Amazon freebie. Not quite so enjoyable as other recent punts in the dark, and for that I can probably blame myself more than the author.

I expected a story with a resolution, albeit shortish in length as opposed to a cliffhanger finish, and while I have read and enjoyed books previously where they are episodic in nature - Stark Holborn's Nunslinger series springs to mind, I kind of knew what I was letting myself in advance. Here it felt like I was sitting down for a meal in a restaurant having a couple of bites of my 8oz sirloin and the waitress whisking the plate out from under me, before I got any further.

Unfortunately I didn't sample enough of the fare in front of me to decide whether it was prime steak or a dodgy hamburger I was eating.

Storyline was ok, writing was ok, nothing irritating or annoying, not enough background yet with the two detectives to feel a connection. Not a deep enough hook set by the author, to warrant me continuing with the next episode and therefore the three after that afterwards.

2.5 from 5

Solomon Carter is a bit of a writing machine with a billion different series and a gazillion books available. I have more from him on the device, so will give him another go in the future.

The author's website is here.

Read in October, 2017
Published - 2016
Page count - 20
Source - Amazon purchase (free)
Format - Kindle


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't really feel drawn in, Col. I've had that sort of thing happen, too, actually, and it does feel as though you've missed something.

    1. It was short, so not too much of a time investment in it. I still would like the give the author a proper go, if that makes sense.

  2. Well you are inspiring me to read some short stories. I have some books that are linked short stories, which I think I would enjoy.

    1. I do have a fondness for short stories, if they are linked or feature the same character all the better.