Tuesday 18 October 2016



A cop accidentally taints evidence. A killer goes free. The cop is defrocked and now lives in his car. Years later, their lives collide again on Malibu Beach and to cop winds up killing the murderer, launching a thrill ride through a dark world of blackmail, pornography, torture, betrayal, vengeance, love, guilt, passion, murder, muscle cars and valet parking.

Another read from over six months ago that I never got around to posting any thoughts on.

Psycho Logic was a continuation of the short story Dead End which was something I really enjoyed back last year. We have a disgraced ex-cop, Johno Beltran crossing paths with the root cause of his downfall - plastic surgeon serial killer Luke Vico.

Beltran burglarises Vico's house looking for further evidence of the doctor indulging in his nefarious hobby of abducting, torturing and killing young women. Vico comes home unexpectedly, the pair fight and Vico goes over his balcony railing, his head opening up like a ripe watermelon.    

Beltran flees but not before being spotted by Vico's neighbour - Alyssa Lido. The dreaded visit from the police the next day never materialises.

Lido has her own agenda. She thinks her psychiatrist husband Karl is cheating on her with a porn star patient. He's got previous in this regard - Alyssa herself being Karl's former client when she was treated by him for paranioa! And she wants Beltran's help. Prove Karl's a cheat and help her exit the marriage without being destitute.

Dr. Karl the husband is a slimy creep, preying on his patients....

In his dreams, Dr. Karl asked an emotionally fragile porn star to tell him about her mother as he duct-taped her naked to a ping-pong table.  

A few more twists and turns ensue.The porn star ends up dead. Beltran and Lido think she's next in the firing line. The cops suspect Johno of involvement in Vico's death, especially when he's spotted visiting the woman who witnessed the crime.

A really enjoyable read here - great characters, dialogue and scenes laced with humour, a bit of sexual tension, intriguing dynamics throughout - Beltran and Lido, Karl and Lido, Beltran and the cops, Karl and Summer Daze, our porn star - and a fitting and satisfying outcome.

Educational as well - I never knew what a fluffer was before Mr Buck enlightened me.

Plenty of bang in this short and fast 130 page read.

4.5 from 5

Dead End was reviewed here. Go Down Hard (another Craig Faustus Buck book, heavily featuring a therapist becoming involved with his patients - a bit of a theme?) here.

Craig Faustus Buck has his website here.

Bought copy a year or so ago. Read in March, 2016.


  1. Interesting premise, Col. I'm afraid this one gets darker and more violent than I generally go for in a book, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Margot thanks - no book will appeal to everyone. We all have boundaries and likes and dislikes. I think he injected just enough humour here to avoid it being too dark.

  3. Col, I'd certainly like to read the dialogue in this stark and gritty novel.

    1. It might turn up at your massive books by weight sale one day! Conversely I don't think it is too expensive to buy as an e-book. I'd be curious to know what you or anyone else thinks of this one.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers, I hope you cross paths at some point!

  5. I like that cover quite a bit. Hard to tell if I would like the book or not.

    1. I don't think you would dislike it if you read it, but if it isn't screaming at you, maybe a pass.