Sunday 1 December 2019


A couple from Peter Ritchie this week, someone I only discovered fairly recently. I have read and enjoyed a couple of books by him already.

Ritchie has written five books so far in his Detective Grace Macallan series.

Cause of Death is the first in the series, Evidence of Death is the second and Shores of Death is the third. Where No Shadows Fall (4th) and Our Little Secrets (5th) are the two I've read.

His latest book - Maxine's Story was released in October. Another gritty Edinburgh tale.

From his author profile at Black and White Publishing ...
Peter Ritchie is a retired senior police officer. The real-world authenticity in his novels comes from vast experience gained working in CID, murder squads, Serious and Regional Crime Squads and Europol.

Evidence of Death (2018)

Scarred by the troubles in Belfast, Billy Nelson returns to his loyalist roots following his discharge from army service. But an outbreak of gang violence forces Billy to move on to Edinburgh, where he muscles in on the capital's drug trade. As the balance of power tips, underworld rivalries between Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast spill onto the streets.

With a spate of horrific incidents and a trail of victims, the pressure is mounting for Grace Macallan, new superintendent of the Crime & Counter Terrorism Directorate. Troubled by her own demons and with everyone baying for Billy Nelson's blood, can Grace hold her nerve?

Shores of Death (2018)

Grace Macallan is at breaking point, and a new investigation is testing her to the limit. An undercover officer is missing, and a woman is washed up, traumatised and barely alive, on the shores of Berwickshire.

As she untangles the woman's story, Grace is drawn into a cold-blooded criminal world headed by Pete Handyside, a notorious gangland boss who will fight hard and dirty to control his brutal empire. But a traitor in his midst is intent upon betrayal, triggering an uncontrollable wave of violence. As she hones in on crucial evidence, Grace knows that one wrong move could end in tragedy.


  1. I've not read any of Ritchie's work, Col, although I've heard of it. These sound interesting, though, and Grace sounds like a solid character. I hope you'll enjoy these.

    1. Thanks Margot. You might like Ritchie's work.

  2. Former cops – like Ritchie – really have an edge when it comes to crime writing.

    1. I do like the insight that their previous work experience provides.