Wednesday, 7 November 2018


A couple this week from another new to me author - Marietta Miles. I'm a massive fan of her publishers - All Due Respect and Down and Out Books and have yet to read a duff offering from either of them.

Hopefully with November being an all female reading month for me I'll try one of these or with a fair following wind both.

From the website of Down and Out Books...

Marietta Miles

Marietta Miles’s short stories and flash can be found in Thrills, Kills and Chaos, Flash Fiction Offensive, Yellow Mama, Hardboiled Wonderland and Revolt Daily. Her stories have been included in anthologies available through Static Movement Publishing, Out of the Gutter, and Horrified Press. She is rotating host for Noir on the Radio, Dames in the Dark. Her first book, Route 12, was released February of 2016. Born in Alabama, raised in Louisiana, she currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children.

Find Marietta Miles online …

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Route 12 (2016)

Route 12 is two haunting novellas set in Appalachia in the seventies and eighties. These are stories of people down on their luck—a girl crippled by a bad dose of polio vaccine, a young pregnant woman with no one to turn to, a mother desperate for cash who makes a terrible mistake.

In this debut book from Marietta Miles, God's country is as corrupt as any place on earth and trusting anyone is a dangerous proposition.

Praise for ROUTE 12:

“Miles rolls on instinct infused with raw talent, utilizing a palate of emotion to repaint what we thought was Southern noir, turning it into something new, something poignant, something entirely hers.” —Tom Pitts, author of Hustle and Knuckleball

May (2017)

May, lonely caretaker and small-time weed dealer, has spent years trying to hunker down and hide from her damaged past. As a destructive nor'easter takes aim at her sleepy island home of Folly, May tries to hunker down once more after the island is evacuated.

But death is in the air - not just from the storm, but from others on the island driven by darker demons - and May finds that this time, there's nowhere to hide.

Praise for MAY:

"Every page has a lovely line, something to savor, even as the story uneasily slips under your skin. There's beauty in the violence in this novella about loneliness and the lengths people go to free themselves from its grasp. You read May and imagine Marietta Miles sitting at the edge of the abyss, peering into it and scribbling into her notebook." - E.A. Aymar, author of You're As Good As Dead


  1. These sound very atmospheric, Col. And both the settings appeal to me, too. I hope you'll enjoy both.

  2. She's good! I think you'll like them.

  3. Thank you for this. I hope you enjoy.

    1. Marietta thanks for stopping by. I'll post on how I go in due course, but I'm extremely optimistic about them!

  4. Col - I have heard good things about both her books. I'm looking forward to reading them, and your reviews.

    1. Thanks Elgin. I hope you enjoy them when you get to them.

  5. I am trying to resist new authors, but she has several things going for her. Including that she is from Alabama. I look forward to your reviews. Soon, I hope.

    1. Something later this month - well that's the plan!

  6. We're all waiting for your verdict! She does sound interesting.

    1. The verdict should be in by the end of the month!