Tuesday 18 September 2018



Ella, is young, bereaved, and in danger.
Lucas is ruthless, brutal, and cold.

Think again.

Ella is bitter, determined, and dangerous.
Lucas is vulnerable and lovelorn.

Ella Hatto is on vacation in Italy with her boyfriend.
It's a beautiful summer evening in a small Tuscany town, and her life is all about the things she doesn't know.
She doesn't know her family is dead.
She doesn't know she's being watched, or that she's in danger.
She doesn't know how rich she is or the murky truth of where that money came from.
She doesn't know that a man is about to cross the street, ending her old life forever.

When Lucas, a retired contract killer, agrees to help her avenge her family's death, Ella is drawn into a world she cannot control, a world from which Lucas wants only to escape.

For the Dogs is a stunning thriller in which avenging the past becomes a deadly business that never ends.

My kind of book.

A poacher turned gamekeeper, as a hitman turns protector before agreeing to assist in Ella's quest for vengeance after her family is assassinated. Lucas reluctantly gets back into the life he turned his back on for Ella.

Short at a tad over 200 pages long. Fast-paced, economical prose, a story that grips and an intriguing character study as two individuals undergo an almost 180 degree volte face personality change. Well one definitely, the other was already in the process of metamorphosis before a return to old ways, before a flip-flop back again.

Locations - Tuscany, Switzerland, London, Budapest, Paris, the Caribbean and Australia. And probably a few other as well.

Action, violence, cold-blooded murder, bereavement, bewilderment, books, business, secrets, police, protection, flight, investigation, planning, revenge, lost family x 2, retirement, teenage love, re-connection, a final settlement.

A violent book - yes in places, but never gratuitous, more matter-of-fact with several scenes laced with humour and some tenderness.

Totally believable? Maybe not, but never less than fascinating.

Loved it - almost tempted to pick it up and start reading it again as soon as I had finished.

5 from 5

I have a few books from Kevin Wignall on the pile, most of them bought back in 2008 when I became aware of his work. A bit of a shame this one sat on the TBR pile for 10 years!
Looking forward to Among the Dead, Who is Conrad Hirst? and People Die at some point in the future.

Read in September, 2018
Published - 2004
Page count - 228
Source - purchased copy
Format - hardback

*For the Dogs was subsequently re-published as The Hunter's Prayer in 2015


  1. I'm glad you liked this one so well, Col. It is interesting to contemplate whether someone can completely change personality. And it sounds like there are a lot of different aspects of the plot, too. I can see how it appealed to you.

    1. Margot I did really enjoy this one unsurprisingly. It's an intriguing question re personality, I'm a bit undecided actually.

  2. Mmm, tempted by this one too - 5/5 is always a recommendation, and I do like strong women protagonists...

    1. I'd be curious as ever for your take on this one, Moira. She certainly toughens up as the book develops.

  3. Sounds intriguing. Maybe I will find something by this author and give it a try.

    1. It isn't too long, Tracy which is a plus. I think his other books are a similar length, or at least the ones I have.

  4. Col – Your 5 from 5 means this one goes on the list. I don’t know this author – yet. Thanks.

    1. Elgin, I hope you enjoy it if you ever get around to giving it a go.