Sunday 2 September 2018

AUGUST 2018 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!


The last couple of years, for no other reason than my own amusement, I've devoted a bit of time each August to reading a short story each day. This year was no different and as usual I cheated a bit on the timings. A couple of days - nothing, a few days two or three - more down to a bit of forgetfulness and a break at the end of the month with no laptop available to read on - doubling-up a few days before to compensate.

There are some great online short stories sites out there - Shotgun Honey, Near to the Knuckle, Tough, Retreats From Oblivion, Out of the Gutter Online and a whole stack of others.

It's a great way of getting a vibe for an author's writing without committing to longer works and dipping your hand into your pocket. 

This year's 31 were.......

1st - Ron Earl Phillips - Shiner - Ron Earl

2nd - Rob White - Kettle Blowing Can be a Bitch - Near to the Knuckle

3rd - Warren Moore - Frankie - Retreats From Oblivion The Journal of Noircon

4th - Richard Godwin - The Final Countdown 1 ... China White in Mashpee - Pulp Metal Magazine

5th - Paul D. Brazill - The Final Countdown 2 ... Because the Night - Pulp Metal Magazine

6th - Leo W. Banks - The Education of Dovey Coles -

7th - Allan Leverone - Piscataqua River - Near to the Knuckle

8th - Lisa CiarfellaKarmic Catastrophe - Out of the Gutter online

9th - Mark SaFranko - Luck Retreats From Oblivion The Journal of Noircon

10th - Paul Heatley - The Stripper - Horror, Sleaze and Trash

11th - Paul Heatley - Tongues -

12th - Rex Bolt - Fault Line (no link) -

13th - Keith NewtonOut of the Frying Pan…? - 

14th - Tom Leins - Venus in Fake Furs - Retreats From Oblivion The Journal of Noircon

15th - Graham Wynd - These Toys are for Tough Boys - Retreats From Oblivion The Journal of Noircon

16th - Margot Kinberg - Roadside Assistance - Confessions of a Mystery Novelist 

17th - Rob McClure Smith - Masonry - Tough

18th - Margot Kinberg - Joy Ride - Confessions of a Mystery Novelist

19th - Tia Ja'naeOnce Upon A Time in Chicago -Tough

20th - Alan Orloff - Two Few Heroes - Shotgun Honey

21st - Henry Brock - Somewhere, New Mexico - Shotgun Honey

22nd - Joe Prosit - Thin Lions - Dead Guns Press

23rd - DJ TyrerA Flower for Estrith - Near to the Knuckle

24th - JB Stevens - A Good Man - Out of the Gutter online

25th - Tom Leins - Ventilator Blues - Shotgun Honey

26th - Aidan Thorn - Unsafe Load - Shotgun Honey

27th - Bradford Keen - Pencil Pusher - Shotgun Honey

28th - Jake Hinkson - The Long Drop - Beat to a Pulp

29th - Kevin J. Garvey - The Cabin - Near to the Knuckle

30th - P.T. Corwin - Where Katie Hid - Near to the Knuckle

31st - Eric Beetner - Where the Long Road Ends - Shotgun Honey

Previous years reading......

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  1. I really like the idea of reading short stories like that, Col. As you say, there are some fine sites out there, and some excellent stories. To me, it's a good way to 'meet' new authors, and see what authors you like do with the short story format. Thanks for those links, too.

  2. Thanks for finding room for a couple of Paignton Noir stories, Col!

    1. You're welcome Tom - I really enjoyed them. Time to pull my finger out and crack on with Meat Bubbles!

  3. Col – Thanks for the list and the links.

    1. Elgin, you're welcome. I hope you hit on a few that you like.

  4. Very impressive, most of the short stories you found online. I have a lot of short story books though, I would like to make a dent in those. And although you mentioned it before, I did not realize this was a yearly project. Even better. A couple of years ago in February I read mostly short stories.

    1. I like sampling new authors, Tracy - not that I need to find any more to be honest. I should crack on with some of the collections and anthologies I have in print.