Saturday 6 January 2018



Dark tales of love, betrayal, murder and more.

Seven short stories all with a twist to keep you guessing.

Meet the honeymooning couple who encounter grief in Mexico; Miguel, who proves to be unexpectedly dangerous; Phoebe, the strangest woman in fiction; and a few more interesting characters to fire your imagination. 

Plus, you can have a sneak preview of 'Manchester Vice', the noir thriller by Jack Strange.

Another short read towards the end of December and another new author tried, one that I hadn't read before.

We had..... betrayal - someone has to pay.

Miguel..... car-jacking and a case of mistaken identity, too late for some. 

Getting over Jen ..... payback by poison

Justice .... a careless driver, a dead grandson and the consequences of messing with the wrong grandparent

Inquisition .... don't fall foul of the Spanish police

Accident on a Suburban Drive .... insecurities over matters of the heart and a hasty decision

Phoebe ..... a cross-dressing fetish, latex and a kitchen knife for starters

A Preview of Manchester Vice .... a jaded reporter connects with a notorious serial killer

A short collection weighing in at 65 pages, includes the latest novel preview. Enough there to satisfy me.

I liked all the stories - Miguel was my favourite. Entertaining and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to Manchester Vice!

Jack Strange has several novels to his name, Manchester Vice being his latest.

His Facebook page is here. Catch him on Twitter@jackstrange11

Read in December, 2017
Published - 2017
Page count - 65
Source - author
Format - Kindle


  1. Margot said.....I really like short stories as a way to get to know a writer's work, Col. I'm glad you enjoyed this collection; it looks interesting. (Blogger acting the goat again)

    1. On the basis of these short stories, I would happily read Jack Strange again.

    2. Hi Margot, you can get Dirty Noir free on Kobo. Here's a link to it:

  2. Col - Thanks for spotlighting these Strange stories.

    1. Elgin, it was a great little intro to another new author

    2. Hi Elgin, at risk of being repetitive, you can get 'Dirty Noir' free on Kobo. Here's a link:
      KInd regards, Jack