Saturday 24 September 2016


Eight books read in the month, which I'm fairly happy with. Ideally I would have liked to have hit the 10 mark, but I was sufficiently advanced with 2 of my part-reads to be able to mark up 2 on the 1st day of September.

The eight were.........

Frank Bill - Crimes in Southern Indiana (2011) (4.5)

Dave Warner  - City of Light (1995) (4)

A. R. Arrington - Mirage Colorado: Road to Redemption (2016) (4)

V. H. Leslie - Bodies of Water (2016) (4)

Adam Maxwell - The Dali Deception (2016) (4)

Luca Veste - It Never Leaves You (2016) (4)

Iain Ryan - Drainland (2016) (4.5)

Douglas Skelton - Blood City (2013) (5)

I did also read 31 varying short stories in the month - see here.

Book of the Month  Well one 5 star read and an obvious pick of the month - Douglas Skelton's Blood City

Of the rest - 2 reads at 4.5 and 5 rating 4 stars 

A bit more trivia or data........

4 of the 8 were new-to-me authors, 4 have been read before - Douglas Skelton, Luca Veste, Adam Maxwell and Iain Ryan.

No surprises here - 7 dudes, only 1 dudess - V. H. Leslie. (Same as last month.)

2 authors hail from the US, 2 from Australia, 2 from England1 from Scotland, 1 from Britain (I can't get any more specific than that!)

All 8 reads were fiction.

4 were paperback reads, 3 were Kindle editions, 1 was an audio book.

7 from this decade - 2 from this year. 1 from the 1990s.

3 of the 8 books were pre-owned, though 1 was a recent Amazon Freebie, 2 were kindly sent by the authors, 2 were sent to me by publishers - Robot Ronin Press and Salt Publishing and 1 from my local library.

Favourite cover? Crimes in Southern Indiana by some distance.

Total page count = 1822

1 < 50,
1 between 51 < 100,
1 between 101 < 200,
2 between 201 < 300,
2 between 301 < 400,
1 > 400 pages  - 406 Dave Warner's City of Light.


  1. Good to hear you had decent reads this time, Col. I don't see a total disappointment among them, and that's great. And I must read some Skelton; I keep hearing how good his work is.

    1. Margot thanks. I hope you find time to squeezes a bit of Skelton into your reading. I'd be interested to know what you think.

  2. That is a good month with every read at 4 or more. And also very cool that you read 31 short stories in 31 days.

    1. Yes, a couple more would have been nice though, but hey everything was enjoyed.

  3. Col, my choice would be A.R. Arrington's "Mirage Colorado: Road to Redemption" and more short stories for the rest of the year.

    1. I know you're a fan of the Westerns, Prashant.

  4. Interesting selection, and I'm looking forward to Bodies of Water, thank you...

    1. Tsk.... thought you'd have knocked that one off by now - it's only wee!