Sunday 20 April 2014

Traitors, Conspirators and Secrets...

Traitors, Conspirators and Secrets...

Featuring bestselling historical crime authors Rory Clements – John Shakespeare series, William Ryan – Alexei Korolev series and Aly Monroe – Peter Cotton series.Tudor England, Moscow 1937, New York 1947 – intelligence, conspiracy,manipulation and power! 
These three award winning novelists invite you to discover what they have learnt investigating survival in unforgiving, dangerous times. 
Leighton Buzzard Library TheatreTuesday 29, April at 7.30pm
Tickets: £2

Well I've stumped up my 2 quid, got my ticket and am looking forward to this event at my library.

Not read any of the author's yet, though Monroe's Maze of Cadiz is on the pile, plus a couple from William Ryan. Haven't heard of Clements if I'm honest, I looked up his books and they seem kind of interesting if not a tad long.

Rory Clements bibliography
Rory Clements
John Shakespeare series
1. Martyr (2009)
2. Revenger (2010)
3. Prince (2011)
4. Traitor (2012)
5. The Heretics (2013)
5.5. The Man in the Snow (2012)
6. The Queen's Man (2014)

Aly Monroe
Aly Monroe bibliography
Peter Cotton series
1. The Maze of Cadiz (2008)
2. Washington Shadow (2009)
3. Icelight (2011)
4. Black Bear (2013)
Redeemable (2013)

William Ryan

William Ryan bibliography
Captain Alexei Dimitrevich Korolev series
1. The Holy Thief (2010)
2. The Bloody Meadow (2011)
     aka The Darkening Field
3. The Twelfth Department (2013)

Hopefully I'm not the only one there which would be awkward! Better leave my wallet at home or else I'll be adding to the piles!


  1. Col - Oh, this looks like a great event! And those are such talented authors. Yes, you probably will be adding to your pile...

    1. Margot thanks. Not been to any of these events other than children's author things with my kids. Hopefully it will be a good night.

  2. That looks really interesting, I'm sure you'll have a great time. We'll be expecting a full report. I think I read one of the Shakespeare series.

    1. I'll do a post after the event. No doubt I'll come away with at least one extra book on the pile.

  3. Col, I like the title of the event. I hope you have a good time and meet with the writers too.

    1. Prashant thanks. I'm interested to see what sort of a crowd there is for it. How many fellow crime fiction or historical fans are there in my area?

  4. That should be very interesting, and I await your report. I have read Aly Monroe (1), have William Ryan books on my shelves, and don't know anything about Rory Clements.

    1. I can remember your review of the Monroe book. Ryan probably interests me the most TBH. Clements writes historical stuff set in Elizabethan times. I'd probably try one, but am kind of put off by the resemblance to a house-brick.

  5. Hope you enjoy the evening - though for 2 quid you can't really go wrong I guess.

    Does meeting the author/hearing them speak make you more or less likely to read them? I used to say more but now I think it's less - as I either don't want to offend them (if I happen not to like a book from someone I've met and liked) or I can't separate the fact I don't like the person from the fact I might like their books.

    1. Bernadette - cheers, 2 quid - a cheap night out (assuming I don't buy a trolley load of books!

      Interesting question, I think and this is ahead of the game, that I would be more inclined to read them if I liked them. If one, two or all three of them are raving fascists, sexists, racists and homophobes, I don't think I'd want to line their pockets. Though conversely they make make for more interesting reads than if they were polite, inoffensive, shy and retiring types.
      I suppose they must have a public face they put on and it's a schmoozing exercise and a chance to garner a few fans, so they are probably going to be on their best behaviour and leave their character defects at home!
      I remember you mentioning a friend being treated like a serf by Bret Eaton Ellis at an event a few years ago. I remember that every time I waver and think I'll give another of his books a try out, after loathing American Psycho.