Sunday 30 March 2014



Franki: a soap opera starlet goes home to Watson's Bay for the first time in years to meet her mother, Sybil: first they killed her cat, then her son. She should have listened when the men in black suits asked her to sell the milkbar.

A thrilling unexpurgated expose of Sydney's world of drug-crazed actors, gays, criminals and property developers. This lusty novel is packed with raw love and lurid adventure, told in the real language of today.

A recent post regarding Peter Robb's Pig's Blood and Other Fluids reviewed what in essence was actually only one portion of the book, either one third of the whole thing or half of the "other fluids."

My thoughts regarding this were...........

I recently read a May, 2013 article by Andrew Nette over at Crime Fiction Lover site regarding 7 Aussie Noir titles. Having a few of them on the shelves already and being intrigued by some of the others, I decided to have a hunt around.

First stop Amazon UK. Peter Robb’s Pig’s Blood and Other Fluids was not too expensive, so I thought why not.  I subsequently read 90-odd pages of a novelette concerning an Aussie actress; Francesca or Franki, her career, sex-life, sometime psychotic boyfriend, actor friends and her troubled past; with her dysfunctional family in the shape of an abusing now-deceased father and her mum, still around but operating a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Oh and a recently dead brother as well.

Interesting, weird, definitely not mainstream – we have some insight into her parent’s life when they were younger and how some choices and actions influence where we are today.

Somewhat bizarrely we climax with a film crew, helicopters, a sex act, a shotgun, a boyfriend with murderous intent and a bloody shoot out - cue pandemonium.

Enjoyable and definitely worth the price paid, though I would guess this would be an acquired taste and not for everyone.

3 from 5
As an OCD, anally retentive reader of the highest order; I have with the help of an extremely generous Goodreads member, Hermien from Perth, Australia managed to achieve closure on the puzzle of this book. 

Hermien is one of only two members willing to own up to having read this. After sending her a message explaining my confusion regarding the Robb - Selkie - Pig's Blood - No Sweat - Final Cut - Lime Juice mystery. She kindly replied offering missing detail in the form of the cover art and well as generously sending me Lime Juice the missing third from my book! 

I can die a happy man!

Has the fact that Hermien rated Final Cut and Lime Juice with a paltry one star score put me off reading - not on your life. Looking forward to enjoying the other Robb fiction in the coming months!
B Selkie or Peter Robb!

This 3 star quickie has ticked a box on my Australian - New Zealand - Down Under personal reading challenge. 


  1. Well as I told you, I was intrigued and entertained by your bemusement over what exactly this book consisted of, so I'm very glad you've achieved closure of sorts. I hope you enjoy the final section of the puzzle, and will look forward to reading the review - though I think the chances of my ever reading it are slim to vanishing....

    1. Perhaps my future 5 star reviews for the 2rd and 3rd parts may cause you to reconsider.....or not. Either way not a problem.

  2. Col - I'm glad you thought this was enjoyable. I have to admit though, that it really doesn't sound like something for me. I do give credit though when an author tries something new and doesn't always stay conventional. Still...I think, to be honest, that I'll probably give this one a miss.

    1. Margot cheers. Everyone taking a pass on this then? No problem - we don't want to turn into Stepford Readers! I'm happy in my bubble!

  3. This was the most puzzling type of series of books I've ever seen mentioned. The goodwill of fellow readers is awesome. This series does sound interesting. I await your final verdict.

  4. That is an interesting story of sleuthing to find the final pieces of this puzzle. Hermien sounds like a very nice person. I like the cover.

    1. OCD tendencies in over-drive I reckon - it would have niggled me otherwise. Lovely lady, she must be - putting herself out for a total stranger. Ditto your cover comment - I like the simplicity of this and LJ.

  5. Col, is this a series of books with an interconnected storyline? On another note, I wonder what your bookshelf looks like! I'm sure it must have lots of unusual titles like these.

    1. No - I believe they are all unrelated - novellas/short novels. I don't think there is a crossover with any of his characters.

      I believe he is better known for his non-fiction, in particular a biography of Caravaggio. I think these 3 are his only fiction to date.

      I have one downstairs sprawling bookcase and the rest of my stash is up in the loft randomly scattered! It was organised until I was evicted from my "office" so my two daughters could have separate bedrooms. The books went up into the loft in an uncontrolled fashion and I haven't the time, heart or inclination to try and restore order to the chaos. I might take some photos soon and do a post. It might be upsetting for those who cherish their books and handle with extreme care. You wouldn't be able to guess I'm a book lover at all.