Sunday 1 March 2020

FEBRUARY, 2020 - 29 DAYS, 29 SHORTS!

Short story bonanza for the shortest month.

I usually do this exercise every August, but I'm currently minded to give it a go every few months or so. There's plenty of tight, taut tales out and about on the web just begging to be read.

Previous year's links below

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This year appears to be a bit of a love-in wth Punk Noir Magazine and Out of the Gutter the main sources, with Shotgun Honey and All Due Respect providing back-up.

1st - Graham Wynd - The Ghost in You (Punk Noir Magazine)

2nd - Maria Hummer - He Took his Skin off for Me (Devil's Lake)

3rd - Paul Matts - Can of Worms (Punk Noir Magazine)

4th - Greg Smith - Tattooed Love Boy (Out of the Gutter)

5th - John Patrick Robbins - Two Birds  (Punk Noir Magazine)

6th - Paul D. Brazill - The Big Issue (Punk Noir Magazine)

7th - PJ Stephenson - Joe and Mary-Jane (Shotgun Honey)

8th - Tom Leins - 49,000 Ways to Die (All Due Respect)

9th - Jesse Rawlins - The Proxy (Out of the Gutter)

10th - Stephen D. Rogers - Mad Dog (All Due Respect)

11th - John Patrick Robbins - The Book By It's Cover (Punk Noir Magazine)

12th - John Bowie - I Am the Resurrection (Punk Noir Magazine)

13th - Graham Wynd - If I Could Be With You Tonight (Punk Noir Magazine)

14th - Judge Santiago Burdon - Dark Cloud In A Silver Lining (Punk Noir Magazine)

15th - Paul Matts - Dim Waghorn (Punk Noir Magazine)

16th - Paul D. Brazill - The Weather Prophet (Out of the Gutter)

17th - Robert Ragan - No Loyalty (Punk Noir Magazine)

18th - Zach Wilhide - El Dulce (Shotgun Honey)

19th - James "Jim" Shaffer - Life Number Ten (Out of the Gutter)

20th - Ron Earl Phillips - The Dog Catcher (Ron Earl Phillips)

21st - Ron Earl Phillips - Until Again (Ron Earl Phillips)

22nd - Ron Earl Phillips - Killing Hope (Ron Earl Phillips)

23rd - Tom Leins - Slay Ride (Out of the Gutter)

24th - Matthew Copes - Liberation - Mexican Style (Out of  the Gutter)

25th - Albert Tucher - Black Christmas Blues (Out of the Gutter)

26th - Mark Slade - Babylon (Out of the Gutter)

27th - Martin Mulligan - The Small Matter of Murder (Punk Noir Magazine)

28th - Tom Leins - Beauty and Ruin (Out of the Gutter)

29th - Mick Rose - All That Remains (Out of the Gutter)


  1. Thanks for checking out a few of my stories, Col! I hope they hit the spot!

    1. Certainly did mate, though I did have to schedule yours away from any possible clash with a snack. Your stories seem to affect my digestive system!

  2. Glad you found so many good stories, Col. And Punk Noir, Shotgun Honey and Out of the Gutter are great resources. I've read a few terrific ones there, myself. Short stories a such a great alternative to novels, I think, when time/interest/mood/etc. aren't making a novel feel right...

    1. Margot thanks. I agree. There's a few other great sites as well that I missed out this time around.... Tough, Spelk, Yellow Mama

  3. Thanks for the mention, Col. The story first appeared at Close to the Bone. But with a little touch of CPR from Jesse Rawlins, revived at OOTG's Flash Fiction Offensive. Here's hoping you enjoyed the story. Cheers!

    1. Jim, thanks for stopping by. Yep - no worries, I liked it.