Saturday 9 December 2017



You wanna know who's deplorable? These writers. These writers, they wrote these stories about me, and they're not nice. Not even a little bit. Look, I know I'm a famous guy. Probably the most famous guy on the planet. I mean let's face it. I am the single most talked about human being in the history of forever. History of writing. And of course they'd wanna write about me. Why wouldn't they? So they did, but none of it’s nice.

My lawyers tell me I should sue. And I should. They wrote the most horrible, horrible fabrications about me. And they can't write. None of them can. They can't write. It's a disaster the way they write. You’ve read my tweets. I know how to write. They just try to put a lot more words together to make it sound good, but it’s not. It's so bad. It's a total disaster.

I spotted this collection when browsing on Amazon and thought what the heck. Who doesn't want to read about the Donald? I was reminded me of another collection I read a few years ago devoted to one of George W.'s henchmen, Dick Cheney - D*cked

What I got was....

Edited by Chuck Regan,
3 of the Best Best Ever haikus by Ryan Sayles and 8 stories.

The stories were......

Lindsay Wells - Walled In
Nick Kolakowski - Taco Truck
CS Dewildt - You're Not Dead You're Eating Our Food
C.A. Viruet - Cheeto Jesus
Andrew Hilbert - Huge Giant
Gareth Spark - "Muroca
Michael T Wells - Irreconcilable Diverence
Chuck Regan - The Wart of the Deal

A varied collection in both themes and enjoyment. I was left cold by a few of them if I'm honest.
I'm not the biggest fan of dystopian fiction and several imagined a society far into the future where the Donald still reigns supreme, massive walls and repression over what remains of the US. Truly A Total Disaster!

Favourite of the bunch Kowalski's Taco Truck. A trio of Hispanics tour the States with a Taco Truck, sharing food to those that welcome them. Dispensing violence to those of the Donald's supporters who are driven by racism and try to harm them. Keeping score is a tricky business, with plenty of mean-spirited customers.

Hilbert's Huge Giant made me laugh. A massive Trump robot constructed with the aid of Putin's scientists.

Walled In by Lindsey Wells has the elite and privileged, shut off from the rest of society. When a saboteur breaches the inner sanctuary we discover why.

DeWildt's tale had it's moments. Fast food chain rules the world. The Mexicans are penned in a zoo and fed swill. The feeders are in a state of servitude.

Gareth Spark - film-making with threats and censorship and buy offs. Not my favourite of the bunch.

Cheeto Jesus by C. A. Viruet - Chiefs of Staff in the White House, one of them strangles Trump, there's an aftermath. A semi-happy outcome!

Irreconcilable Divergence by Michael T. Wells - a bit like groundhog day - a massive computer running analysis and projecting different outcomes based on behaviours, plugging in variables and resetting and beginning again every time the end result it produces is the same - total annihilation. Our savvy analyst tries tweaking the variables to produce a different outcome.

Chuck Regan's The Wart of the Deal - 2076 Trump's still in power and a couple of renegades are still trying to remove him, at any cost.

Enjoyable collection, even if I didn't buy into all the stories. I've read a few of the contributors before.
Not quite on a par with D*cked.

3.5 from 5

Read in December, 2017
Published - 2016
Page count - 116
Source - Kindle Unlimited (currently on a freebie trial, like I need more books!)
Format - Kindle


  1. That's the thing about those collections, Col. Very often they're a bit uneven. This is really an interesting and creative idea for a collection, though - I had to chuckle at the cover design, too. And some of the stories do sound good. Glad you found things to like about it.

    1. I think this was conceived and published before he won the Presidency. It's a great cover and more to like than dislike inside.

  2. This would be too depressing a read for me. I cannot ignore Trump but I don't want to read about him. The cover is pretty good.

    1. Great cover and at least in here he gets his comeuppance more than once!

  3. A clever idea - I would've been tempted by that too if I'd seen it.

  4. Was going to skip over this review, but glad I didn’t. Some of these stories sound quite funny. BTW, I counted a dozen other books on Amazon with Trumpocalypse in the title.

    1. There are a few aren't there? I quite liked the collection overall, but not all of the stories in it.