Thursday 16 October 2014



Johno Beltran is a former homicide detective who fell from grace when a stupid mistake allowed a rich, sadistic sex killer to go free. When the notorious murderer drives into the restaurant parking lot where Johno now works as a valet, their reunion leads Johno down a dark, twisty road toward a deadly collision between paranoia and reality. A short story.

Another new author and although this is only a story story I think I'm going to enjoy reading Mr Buck in the future. 

I arrived here by way of a hop, skip and a jump, or six degrees of separation for books. 

I'm a big fan of author, Tom Kakonis and his books - Treasure Coast, Michigan Roll, Criss Cross to mention a few. 

Kakonis has been brought back into the sunlight after years hidden away by the chaps - Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman at new kid on the block publisher - Brash Books

Brash Books recently announced that next year they will be publishing Craig Faustus Buck's first full length novel - Go Down Hard. 

Liking the sound of this one, I thought I would see whether Buck had written anything else. 

Well he has - there's a novella intriguingly titled Psycho Logic which I have now ordered.

Psycho Logic is preceded by Dead End.

Dead End is the Anthony Award nominated short story (winner announced in November), that introduces us to John Beltran - the main man in Psycho Logic.

Simples really.

Back to Dead End then - 16 pages bang, I'm hooked. Within this short time frame of narrative, Buck sucked me in, ratcheting the tension up, before unleashing a finale which, whilst bringing closure of sorts to one of our participants has just ensured that John Beltran's already crap life has just taken a helluva turn for the worse.
Craig Faustus Buck

Have you ever watched the scary movie where the kids are exploring the village weirdo's empty house, when the occupant comes home and one of them remains trapped inside and the psycho smells something is amiss - the one's where you watch from behind the sofa, peering through your fingers - Buck did that to me.

5 from 5 

Craig Faustus Buck's website is here.

Acquired on Amazon UK for kindle earlier this month.


  1. Oh, this does sound scary, Col! And it's nice to discover those little gems isn't it? Sometimes I've gotten hooked on an author through short stories, myself.

    1. Margot, I like short stories anyway, though I probably don't read enough of them. Sort can leave you a bit....hmm, ok.Some are more agreeable. Some leave you wanting more - this is one of the latter. I'll keep you updated when I've read Psycho Logic! It sounds like my sort of book.

  2. Col, just the fact that it's a short story is enough to make me want to read it. While I haven't read many modern noir and crime stories by unknown writers, I know they can be really good.

    1. Prashant, I agree - hopefully his longer works rock as well. I think next year, I will challenge myself to read more short stories. I will try and squeeze in some anthologies or collections by a single author.

  3. That does sound compelling, and I think that's the best new author name I've heard in a while...

    1. I don't think you could write cozies with a name like that, it rocks!

  4. I like the author's name. Looking forward to a future review of his novel... when it comes out.

    1. I think it should be good if this is anything to go by. Definitely will read his Psycho Logic before the Brash offering. Psycho Logic is about 130-odd pages, so he's gradually building up to something longer. Not sure what Go Down Hard is going to weigh in at..hopefully not a door-stopper!