Wednesday 11 November 2020




The Last Deep Breath follows Grey, a drifter on the search for his foster sister, who showed up for the first time in ten years with a knife in her side, then vanished without a trace.

Grey winds up in Los Angeles dealing with manipulative actresses and scummy agents, hoping to find some clue as to what happened to her after she dropped out of a porn career he didn't know about.

Another strident, urgent piece of dark fiction from the late Tom Piccirilli.

Three foster kids, tight but abused. A backlash, consequences, three lives shattered, three different directions, the passage of time, a fleeting reconnection, and no happy ending.

My kind of book, plenty of heart, plenty of heartbreak, disappointment, failure, regrets, poor choices, poor outcomes and some memorable characters set against a fascinating backdrop of the adult movie business.

The more I read from Tom Piccirilli, the more I like, the more I regret the untimely death of someone who passed too soon. I guess I can enjoy the body of work he left us. 

4.5 from 5

Tom Piccirilli's work has been enjoyed a lot over the last couple of months..... The Dead Past, Sorrow's Crown and The Nobody

Read - (listened to) October, 2020

Published - 2010

Page count - 124 (1 hr 53 mins)

Source - Audible purchase

Format - Audible 


  1. This one sounds compelling, Col. The characters sound strong and well-developed, and I like it when authors explore that past/present connection. Perhaps this one's a bit dark for what I'm in the mood for these days, but it sounds like a solid choice for when I'm ready for dark and moody again.

    1. Margot, I know what you mean about some books requiring a certain frame of mind before you can tackle them. Worth considering when the right moment arrives.