Friday 14 December 2018



A young man wants payback for his mother, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it…

In this chapter of the Dark Teesside series, the events unfold in Stockton and Thornaby...

Introducing Breaking Spirits, a dark short story by award winning author Glenn McGoldrick. 

"Brilliantly written, fast-paced as a short story should be, and with a satisfying end" - Amazon bestselling author Sam Burnell

An entertaining 13 page short story, hardly meriting it's own blog post, but it's listed as an individual kindle item and I read it - so there.

A case of revenge, somewhat complicated by the target, but our young protagonist is very clear about his goal. Mission gets accomplished - the things you do for family, the things you do to family.

Fairly straightforward, no actual jaw-dropping moments, no heart-stopping turns of phrase or stopped me in my tracks prose. But enjoyed nevertheless. Would probably be better served as part of a collection, as opposed to a single.

An entertaining 15 minutes

3.5 from 5

I've enjoyed a couple of McGoldrick's shorts before and would like to see something longer by him, but after a chat he tells me his focus and speciality is the short format. I'm not gonna argue with him. 

Dead Flies and Red Marks have been enjoyed before.

Read in December, 2018
Published - 2017
Page count - 13
Source - purchased copy
Format - kindle


  1. Col, there's a sense of fulfilment when you read a good short story and add it to your numbers. This tale and the ones before seem like a dress rehearsal to something longer in the near future.

    1. Prashant, I do hope he gives a longer piece a go in future. I'll have to content myself with his short stories for now.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this one, Col. And I think short stories are just the thing for getting some reading done during those days and weeks when you don't have time to go into a full-on novel.